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Gibson Wedding at The Willows

Oh where do I even start with these two? First off, I have known Heather forever. Her family and mine have a very special unique bond that has held together since the very beginning. If you know this family, you know they are absolutely amazing people. They are full of love! When Heather ask me to do this wedding, I of course said YES! How could I not? Fast forward to wedding day. She looked so beautiful and there was so much love and support surrounding both her and Blake. Everything was so beautiful. Heather and Blake were both so calm and excited. As we were getting ready to do the first look , I ask Blake if he was nervous. His response was "No, I'm ready!" He had nothing but love for the woman he was about to marry. He complimented her constantly throughout the whole day. Blake informed me that he had a big surprise for Heather. He told me that when they first started dating, she had told him that she wanted a big ring with three bands and lots of diamonds. (Typical girl, right?!) Well, he made her dream come true and she had no idea! The look on her face was priceless! They both looked at each other as if they were the only two people in the room. It was so sweet. These two waited so long to find their one true love and they finally found it in each other. I wish you two a lifetime of happiness. You deserve it! Thank you for trusting me to capture your special day.

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